Physics For Scientists and Engineers

Physics For Scientists and Engineers

Physics, the most fundamental physical science, is concerned with the basic principles of the Universe. It is the foundation upon which the other sciences— astronomy, biology, chemistry, and geology—are based. The beauty of physics lies in the simplicity of the fundamental physical theories and in the manner in which just a small number of fundamental concepts, equations, and assumptions can alter and expand our view of the world around us. The study of physics can be divided into six main areas: 1. classical mechanics, which is concerned with the motion of objects that are large relative to atoms and move at speeds much slower than the speed of light; 2. relativity, which is a theory describing objects moving at any speed, even speeds approaching the speed of light. "Physics For Scientists and Engineers". Nombre de Archivo: "physics-scientists-engineers" Size: "38.86 MB". Descargar Physics For Scientists and Engineers PDF gratis

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